NorthUist Collies perm

pictures: Ch Highcroft Pledge of Allegiance, her daughter Ch Northuist Cotillion, as a puppy, and Cotillion's daughter Ch Northuist Some Like It Hot, at 6 years old.

Allie and Kate are now veterans; a veteran dog is 7 years or older.


Nothing available now!

Sometimes we consider caregiver homes for show puppies and breeding dogs. If you can provide a loving, stable home for one of our dogs and wouldn’t mind “sharing” it with us, please let us know. We pay show and handling costs. The foster family has the day to day expenses and training responsibility. Fostering allows us to maintain contact with some of the best dogs we produce, while still allowing others to enjoy them as family members and keep our numbers down. Please Contact us to apply or to learn more. 

From time to time we also have older or retired dogs available. Vet references and a fenced, secure yard are required for all dogs placed.

We preferably place dogs in the Belleville to Montreal/Cornwall corrider.